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N-hega Pattern Digitizing News

January 3, 2019

The top 4 best Fashion Schools in the world use the NScan Premium and NShot Pro Pattern Digitizing Systems! Thank You Central Saint Martin UK, London College of Fashion UK, Parsons Design School, Fashion Institute of Technology NY for choosing N-hega Technology! We are so grateful to know the N-hega systems are helping students and industry members get the best education. surveyed more than 4,000 people. They considered tuition, famous and successful alumni, student and alumni feedback to rank the schools.

Other high quality schools that work with the NScan & NShot CAD digitizers include: VOSON SPO in Prague, Shu Te University in Taiwan, Esmod in Paris, Texas Tech, North Carolina School of Textile and Florida State University.

April 23, 2018

In New York, when people talk about Marker Making and Grading, many think about Create-a-Marker. The company founded in 1997 by FIT graduate Paul Cavazza is well known in the Fashion/Garment industry. They work with top Designer Companies as well as small independent designers all around the US.

Last week we visited Create-a-Marker to upgrade our software systems to the latest 2.17 version. The company modernized their manufacturing room this year by upgrading all their computers.

Nhega’s partnership with Create-a-Marker started more than 12 years ago. Davi Geiger, the co-founder of Nhega, went to Create-a-Marker’s office in midtown and offered Cavazza a trial of the NScan system. After testing the system, Create-a-Marker was impressed and replaced their old digitizing system right away. The NScan is fast, accurate and easier to use than other digitizing systems like tables, CNC pens and camera digitizers.

Create-a-Marker currently has a NScan system with 4 licenses and 1 NShaker Marker M...

March 1, 2018


DXF, Lectra, Gerber, Optitex, Assyst, Rhino, Solid Works, PDF, Illustrator, JPEG, PLOT, AutoCAD, Audaces, Zund and others.


Apparel & Fashion, Automotive, Furniture, Soft Goods, Glass, Aviation, Medical, Marine, Foam, Leather, Metal and other industries that Manufacture.

Used Worldwide by Thousands of Companies:

Urban Outfitters, Irvin Automotive, Adient JCI, Palliser Furniture, PVH Corporation, Contender UK, Wacoal America, Cigarette Racing Team, Steiff, Eurofoam, London College of Fashion, Texas Tech, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Kellwood, Calvin Klein, ROM Furniture, Feltex SA Automotive, Seats Inc, Dowco Inc, Fashion Institute of Technology, Elo Sports, JB Design Medical, Intrwood and others.


Developed by award winning NYU professors with a background in Manufacturing.

January 25, 2013

It’s Friday!

N-hega is very happy and humbled to announce that the College of Textile will be using the NSCAN in its program.

A technician went to North Carolina last week to set up the NScan digitizing system.

We are excited to be a part of the educational experience at one of the nation’s top fashion and textile design schools.

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N-hega Technology helps clients navigate digital and industry transformation with professional, tailored and easy to use automatic Pattern Digitizing Solutions.

Top Apparel Design, Production & Manufacturing Schools use the NScan & NShot Systems. Watch Video above!

Summer Lunch with the Intern Team.

Nhega just installed a new NScan System at Irvin Automotive Design and Development Center. They are part of the part of the Piston Group.

NScan version 2.17 has been released and HanesBrands Technical Design Team are already using the new software version.

The Best Companies use the Best Products. Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design LTD (Israel) uses the NShot-Pro.

Meeting with European Partners during the 11th International Conference on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Science and Pattern Recognition. (Italy)

Eurofoam, a leading Foam company in Eastern Europe acquired a second NScan system. They have been using the automatic pattern digitizing technology since 2011. The company was founded in 1992 and has over 36 companies operating in 12 countries. 

eli y.jpg

N-hega attending the CitiySource Fashion Institute Technology TradeShow in New York.



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REPORT PATENT INFRINGEMENT: Our Camera & Scanner pattern digitizers are patented in the US. Please help us

protect our intellectual property rights by reporting any unlawful patent infringement activities to