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N-hega Pattern Digitizing News

March 11, 2019

Visiting award winning designer Tory Burch. The company uses the NScan Premium digitizer with Optitex CAD. 

Ready to increase efficiency with Nhega automatic digitizers?

March 8, 2019

N-hega helps companies bridge the digital transformation gap with powerful and simple pattern digitizing solutions. Since no pattern room is like the other, sometimes our clients require custom made features to tackle their unique digitizing needs. These customization can be a matter of tweaking existing features or require extensive research and development efforts. If your company has very unique and complex patterns, the NScan & NShot should work fine for what you need. Mail us some samples of you templates and we promise to take a look at them to see which product or settings will work the best for you!

February 12, 2019

Happy National Inventor's Day! Today we would like to celebrate our founders who created the first effective method for digitizing pattern shapes by using image scanning techniques (a patented invention by N-hega Technology).  We are part of the manufacturing history & strive to continue to help companies navigate the digital transformation.

#PatentedTechnology #PatternDigitizer #nationalinventorsday #nhega #technology #ImageRecognition 

Picture taken by: Matt Wyndowe

Professor Hiroshi Ishikawa and Davi Geiger going to a tradeshow to showcase the first version of the NScan System.

January 7, 2019

Fabric Utilization & Recycling is more important than ever & a good marker maker like the NEstimate & NShaker can help companies reduce waste. Below is an article by Forbes showing how some companies are creatively helping reduce the problem of material waste with recycling.

"Reducing waste has always been a top priority for more efficient business but the pressure is piling on fashion brands to reduce the amount of textile sent to landfill to protect the environment too. The Council for Textile Recycling estimates that 25 billion pounds of textile waste is generated in the US alone and 85% of that ends up in landfill."


December 14, 2018

Digitize Pattern Accurately with the NShot Pro Camera. Any color background including the color of the year: "Living Coral" #patternmaking #patterndigitizing

July 23, 2018

NShot-Pro Camera Digitizing Solution at a Furniture company in Europe. Perfect for small/large patterns of all colors and shapes. The green mat background has no reference points which makes it easy to digitize oversize patterns with ease!

July 11, 2018

Flexfab (aerospace/automotive) is using the NScan Automatic Software for Pattern Digitizing with SolidWorks CAD and Gerber Cutting machines. The company uses cutting edge technology to insure that their Engineering Design services are at a level of excellence that is unsurpassed. Their Research and Development laboratory continually looks for new and innovative ways to support their customers and also the industry ever changing requirements.

The digitizing project, which was led by FlexFab CAD supervisor, aims to speed up the sample making and production process by cutting unnecessary steps on the pattern making approval process while increasing accuracy.

FlexFab was manually retracing their paper patterns into a vector file using scans/pictures. The process was long and laborious. Now that the NScan system is in place, the pattern makers can create the patterns and digitize them directly to the network to be shared with the CAD room.

Flexfab is a global leader in the...

June 11, 2018

DK Leather Corporation (OEM automotive upholstery leather manufacturer) uses the NScan Pattern Digitizer with Lectra CAD systems. 

The brand names of the group's leather products are DK-Schweizer, KK Best and Tomo Leather. Its clients include Citroen, Kia, Honda Hyundai, Ford, Volvo, Mitsubishi, and Mahindra, as well as the secondary market in the world. 

Last month the company acquired a new extra Terminal Station. The NScan Terminal key will allow multiple users to use the system at the same time. 

Here are some pictures of DK Leather's Production Room:

June 4, 2018

"Geometry, Practice, and Pattern" (by Juan de Alcega) published in 1589 was one of the first Pattern books published in Spain. This book is a clear example of the application of mathematics to early technology. 

Alcega faced difficulties to publish the book due to the resistances of the medieval guild of tailors, who thought that he was revealing the secrets of his art.

The author's goal was to provide a resource to journeyman and master tailors to reduce the hassle of knowing how much material they needed to have the client purchase for their garments, and to provide to the tailors a guide to layout the pattern pieces in the most efficient way possible with minimal wastage of fabric material.

The picture below was taken during a visit to a tailor at Greenpoint Open Studios 2018. The tailor was lecturing some visitors about the history of pattern making. 

June 1, 2018

NShot-Pro going up at London College of Fashion UK Showroom :) 

Compatible with Lectra, Accumark, Optitex, DXF, AutoCAD, Browsewear and others!

The NShot-Pro can also be used as a Print/Textile Placement tool and scanner.

Thank you Ashley and Pandian!

January 23, 2018

Time to adopt an Automated Digitizing System.

Digitizing is a small yet crucial part of the garment industry & other production and manufacturing sectors. For years the industry has been relying on the slow and monotonous help of the Digitizing Table, but fortunately new digitizing options have been invented to speed up the process of pattern digitization while also providing superior accuracy.

If your company is still using the Digitizing Table or CNC machine, you might want to consider searching for more technological ways to digitize. The NScan (scanner) and the NShot (camera) state-of -the-art systems are great alternatives available.

A garment or template that usually takes one hour to be digitized with the digitizing table, can take less than 20 minutes to be digitized with the NScan Scanner or NShot Camera. In addition, the NScan and NShot use award-winning image capturing devices to capture the exact shape of the patterns, eliminating over 90% of digitizing errors. With this phen...

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N-hega Technology helps clients navigate digital and industry transformation with professional, tailored and easy to use automatic Pattern Digitizing Solutions.

Top Apparel Design, Production & Manufacturing Schools use the NScan & NShot Systems. Watch Video above!

Summer Lunch with the Intern Team.

Nhega just installed a new NScan System at Irvin Automotive Design and Development Center. They are part of the part of the Piston Group.

NScan version 2.17 has been released and HanesBrands Technical Design Team are already using the new software version.

The Best Companies use the Best Products. Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design LTD (Israel) uses the NShot-Pro.

Meeting with European Partners during the 11th International Conference on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Science and Pattern Recognition. (Italy)

Eurofoam, a leading Foam company in Eastern Europe acquired a second NScan system. They have been using the automatic pattern digitizing technology since 2011. The company was founded in 1992 and has over 36 companies operating in 12 countries. 

eli y.jpg

N-hega attending the CitiySource Fashion Institute Technology TradeShow in New York.



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REPORT PATENT INFRINGEMENT: Our Camera & Scanner pattern digitizers are patented in the US. Please help us

protect our intellectual property rights by reporting any unlawful patent infringement activities to