Charter Furniture uses the NShot Pro with multiple CAD systems & locations.

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The NShot Pro Template Digitizer at Charter Furniture.

Charter Furniture uses the NShot-Pro for Lectra and AutoCAD. They are a leading manufacturer of upholstery seating for the hospitality trade. With factories in North Carolina and Southern California, the company caters to clients all over the US and world. Their in house design and engineering team are able to assist in the development of items best suited to meet design intent while manufacturing product which is able to withstand the rigors of hospitality use.

The deployment of the NShot-Pro system was lead by Charter Furniture Engineer Manager. The company was physically transporting their patterns between factories which slowed down production and decreased effective communication. 


The NShot-Pro system now connects two different factories locations (the company has a Main License and a Terminal License that connects via the network). This allows their production and manufacturing team to save time and increase quality. Patterns that are digitized in one location can be easily shared with other users electronically via the server or email. 


Since the NShot-Pro saves the image of the original pattern as well, the production engineers can also double check the original template with the digital format without having to look at the physical pattern. Charter Furniture has also acquired the NEstimate-Manual marker making for basic material estimates.

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