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Central Michigan University

Fashion & Technology Forward Educational Institutions.

Center for Fashion Merchandising and Design Technology

The NScan Premium Scanner Digitizer for CAD/CAM systems, is now part of Central Michigan Design Lab space.


The Fashion merchandising and design program at CMU is ranked Michigan's best fashion and design school.

The NScan system which was acquired during the fall, allows students and faculty to digitize physical patterns in seconds. They use the software to vectorize and archive their patterns, edit the vector files and save the digital files directly to Lectra & Gerber CAD systems. The NScan is also used for fabric scanning, & print placement.

Design and Technology forward thinking schools nurture students to be market leaders.


With the proper education, technology and creative environment, the new minds of tomorrow can start changing the future of design and manufacturing.

The Design Lab

​Fashion Merchandising and Design (FMD) students at Central Michigan University have access to the best fashion technologies in the industry. The school and Design Lab is equipped with 3D printers, Body Scanners, Physiological Monitoring and Biofeedback System, Sweating Thermal Manikin, NScan Automatic Digitizing Scanner System, CAD/CAM softwares and a Multimedia Lab.

The Program

Fashion Merchandising and Design (FMD) students study aesthetic and functional design, marketing and retailing of apparel and textiles in preparation for a variety of professional careers in the fashion industry. Through challenging courses that integrate design and merchandising in a way that closely reflects industry trends, students position themselves for jobs in the design, production and distribution of apparel and textile products. 

Central Michigan encourages students to create fashion with a purpose. In the past, examples of projects students have worked on include an intimate apparel for cancer patients, and also a coat that turns into a sleeping bag to keep homeless people safe and warm during the winter time. 

A complete CAD Lab should provide the right technology for students and faculty to succeed with their creativity and design vision. An automatic digitizing system like the NScan, can reduce by more than fifty percent the time designers and engineers have to spend on mundane tasks such as manually digitizing and making corrections.

Design and Technology

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Other Case Studies:

uses the NScan & NShot
Fashion School Prague
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Fashion School Prague


uses the NScan

with Optitex CAD.