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 Maille Création 
 the Nshot Pro Digitiser 

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"Our goods must leave with zero defects. The confidence of the big
names in fashion is at this price."
Nadège Goulay.

"Dior, Chanel, Hermè... font appel au savoir-faire de cette entreprise pour donner vie à leurs vêtements."

Maille Création is an award winning Fashion Consultancy company with over 27 years of experience.  They specialize in knitwear for high-end and ready to wear luxury pieces. Big fashion houses are constantly looking for impeccable quality made in France, so companies like Maille Création are extremely hard to find. Some of their luxury brand clients include Dior, Chanel and Hermes. Maille Création spends a lot of time making sure everything is perfect. With great knowledge and attention to detail, all stages of development and production go through a rigorous quality control before a garment is made.


To complement their pattern room, Maille Création reached out to Nhega technology to learn more about their digitizers. Maille Creation have heard about Nhega Technology before as they are known to offer one of the best solutions to the manufacturing industry. After testing and watching the NShot-Pro working live, they were immediately sure the system could improve even more their quality and production process. After they learned that some of their luxury clients also use Nhega systems, they were convinced it was time to invest.

With the help of Nhega's partner in Europe, Maille Création developed a special table with a foam background for the NShot-Pro system. This way instead of using a reflective plexy glass to flatten out the patterns before digitizing, they could use pins. 

NShot Pro installation camera digitizer.png
Knit pattern
knit pattern cad digitiser
Maille Creation CAD digitiser.png
garment pattern
vector pattern
fabric patter
garment digitizer

Pictures: Mark V.B.

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